Life & Wellness Coaching

Julia is a patient and caring coach. She listens deeply without judgment and uses a client-centered approach to problem solving and goal setting. She brings a wealth of worldly experience and yoga expertise to her practice, yet stays humble, grounded, and open to new perspectives. Thank you, Julia!

-Becka B.

Julia helped me to shift perspective and see things that I can use to help me grow. I felt supported and respected in my session; I also felt encouraged and motivated.

-Sophia Lowe

Any young woman could benefit from wellness coaching or yoga lessons from Julia! Her abundance of wisdom in becoming an authentic and empowered young woman is sure to inspire.

-Lily W.


Julia is wise beyond her years and a great role model and leader, both on and off the mat. Her practice is strong and well rounded, and practicing with her is always grounding and inspiring.

-Candace Z.

Julia is a wonderful teacher. Her sequences are well constructed, challenging and fun. Her warm and vibrant personality shines through in her practice. I can't wait for the opportunity to practice with her again!

-Suzi O.

Julia is the perfect blend of both fun and professional. Her sense of humour had me laughing and smiling the whole class; all the while she maintained a professional atmosphere that was driven and focused. I highly recommend Julia for your next yoga practice!

-Alyssa P.

Julia's personality shines through in her teaching style - she is bubbly, warm and has a gentle command of the room which both inspires students and intelligently guides them through creative sequencing with ease.

-Eliza C.

I loved Julia’s teaching style. Her cues were impeccable, which meant that she taught some challenging yoga poses really well, making them seem more attainable. During her class I managed to execute ‘bird of paradise’ extremely well and better than I normally can.
— -Charlotte B.