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What is Rise: the membership?

Rise: the membership is an online community and learning platform for women navigating the tumultuous decade that is OUR TWENTIES. Rise was created out of the frustration many 20-something women experience when they graduate and realize they spent all that money on an education, but ultimately didn’t learn the things they REALLY NEEDED TO KNOW to be successful in the REAL WORLD.

Rise solves that frustration by:

  • Publishing learning content on practical life skills, developed by experts in their fields, covering topics across career, finances, self development, relationships, and personal health.

  • Matching members with female mentors serve as guides through all the transitions that happen in women’s 20’s

  • Fostering an inclusive, welcoming space, through online and in-person events, for members to befriend and connect with each other. Sharing wins, setting goals, holding each other accountable and taking away the ALONENESS that so many of us face upon graduation.

  • Curating an expert panel of coaches and advisors that we believe in and recommend for your success

  • We role model succeeding in life and career as WOMEN, not women conditioned to act like men. Don’t know what that means? Join us in figuring it out together.

Rise is for you if:

  • You're seeking a like-minded community of ambitious young women 

  • You're looking for support as you navigate your 20's, seeking both practical and inspirational material tailored for your growth and success

  • You're a lifelong learner and want to continue to learn new skills like: how to negotiate effectively, how to manage workplace stress, how to communicate effectively with your partner, and beyond!

  • You want to carve out regular time each month to invest in your personal growth and wellbeing

What's included:

  • One bundle each month which includes VIDEO and WORKBOOK resources targeted at a topic across our five core themes: personal health, self development, finance, career and relationships.

  • Monthly live Q&A with our featured expert to address your most specific and personal questions

  • Monthly live centering video call, facilitated by Rise founder, Julia Starr

  • A private members-only Facebook discussion and community group to share ideas, discuss materials, reach out for support and build friendships

  • Access to our annual Rise: the membership retreat

  • ++ Fun extra bonuses like guided meditations, meal plans and yoga flows, dropped into your email inbox like surprise Christmas presents throughout the year

For premium members:

  • Mentor pairing with one of our curated team of professional female mentors

Rise Cost:

  • Rise is designed to be accessible and flexible based on members’ needs:

    • $12/month basic membership

    • $25/month premium membership

Meet some of our contributors: