Stress Reduction

Stress plays a role in all of our lives. It can keep us from showing up with our full, authentic selves at work, in relationships and in social settings.

The good news about stress is that 1) it CAN support us in moving forward in our lives (in the right dose) and 2) we can learn how to manage stress better - thank goodness!

This module is practical and informative. Understanding the types of stress we may be suffering from help us notice when we are stressed, which allows us to practice the tools included in the module on actively reducing the NEGATIVE affects of stress. Pretty cool! 

The Stress Reduction Video Series (total: 6 videos, ~18 minutes)

The Stress Reduction Workbook

Download the workbook to get started. It is a fillable .pdf so you will be able to complete on your computer or print and fill out by hand - whatever your personal preference!

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Stress Reduction BONUS!

Click image to download your bonus stress reduction resources. Cheers to your wellbeing!