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Here's where you'll find all Rise Modules. Each module has been specifically created to help you build a holistically successful life.

I recommend taking a month to go through one bundle, so you can focus on implementing the strategies shared within.

Have a browse below and dive into the bundle which will help you the most right now.

The Newest Rise Module: Negotiations!

Learning how to effectively influence others (i.e. becoming a great negotiator) will help you to find your voice, ask for what you want, and get the outcomes that you deserve.

This module is relevant for you if you are:

  • Preparing for a salary negotiation

  • Looking to improve how you set boundaries in your relationships

  • Trying to be more persuasive with your boss, customers, clients, or colleagues

  • Trying to get your roommate to do her share of the housework

The Negotiations Video Series (total: 6 videos, ~24 minutes)

The Negotiations Workbook

Our Negotiations Workbook is chock full of prompts and bonuses to support you completing this module and taking the content into your daily life.

PRO TIP: Download the workbook prior to watching the videos so you can work through it real time!

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