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Here's where you'll find all Rise Modules. Each module has been specifically created to help you build a holistically successful life.

I recommend taking a month to go through one bundle, so you can focus on implementing the strategies shared within.

Have a browse below and dive into the bundle which will help you the most right now.

The Newest Rise Module: Creating a “Fun” Life

Joy is one of the most magnetic emotions we can experience. Attracting people and opportunities into your life that are aligned with your highest good! However, many people have never consciously considered what and who make them truly happy; instead, they make decisions based on what they “should” do or prioritize what society or their friends value. In this module, you’ll define what “fun” means to you and take actionable steps that consciously create a life you truly love.

This module is relevant for you if you are:

  • Looking to create more joy in your life!

  • Have forgotten what it is that you like to do for FUN and want to get in touch with that inner joy (& inner child!)

  • Looking to bring new relationships into your life (whether friendships or romantic), by filling yourself up FIRST with love and good vibes.

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Creating a “Fun” Life Video Series (total: 6 videos, ~16 minutes)

The Creating a “Fun” Life Workbook

This workbook will help you follow along with Andrea’s videos, and include key activities to help you identify the things that uniquely bring you joy!

PRO TIP: Download the workbook prior to watching the videos so you can complete the activities real time!

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Live Q&A: Date TBA

Andrea Amour is an expert in relationships and creating magnetic lives that attract people that align with your interests, values and energy!

She will be in the Facebook group (date and time TBA), answering all your questions about identifying what truly brings you joy, and how to prioritize those activities that will fill you up most, in order to live your best life (and maybe find someone to share that life with)!

Plan to join us live, if possible, but Andrea will also post the Q&A for all those who aren't able to join the broadcast.

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