Intention Setting for the New Year!

Take the time to review what has happened in 2018 in order to understand what helped you be successful and also what held you back. In this module we also look forward to 2019 and make conscious decisions about how you are going to take responsibility for your life and your success.

This module is relevant for you if you are:

  • Looking for closure for everything that happened for you in 2018

  • Would like to understand which actions led to which outcomes, whether what you intended or not

  • Seeking a “success track” that will keep you on track in 2019, no matter what happens!

  • Desire a clear intention and road map for 2019

The Intention Setting Video Series (total: 5 videos, ~33 minutes)

The Intention Setting Workbook

This workbook contains key activities to help you reflect on 2018 and move into 2019 with clarity and intention.

PRO TIP: Download the workbook prior to watching the videos so you can complete the activities real time!

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