Budgeting Basics

Have you often found yourself overwhelmed by your finances and unsure where your money is going? ‘Budgeting Basics’ will help enable you to live like a Queen, within your means.

By the end of this module and upon completing your own budget exercise, you will be more aware of your spending habits, identify money-wasters, better understand your priorities, and feel empowered to be "CEO of your own life".

Rise Bonus: Brittan (our resident financial expert and mentor) is offering a free consultation to all Rise members interested in learning more about managing their personal finances!

You can contact her here. Make sure to mention you’re a Rise member in your email!

The Budgeting Basics Video Series (total: 2 videos, ~26 minutes)

The Budgeting Basics Resources

There are two incredible resources for the Budgeting Basics module:

1) The Resource Guide (left)

2) Fillable spreadsheet for your own budget making exercise! (right)

Click on the images to the right to get started...