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I'm just like you.

I've had the dreams pushed aside, the relationships gone awry, the humble beginnings. I've scratched and clawed at those foundational questions of "what makes a meaningful life?", "what is my purpose?", and "what do I do now?" Today, after a decade of struggling, growing and learning (in that order), I'm doing a much better job of walking my talk. How? I've eliminated what wasn't essential and brought enormous clarity to my own definition of a life well lived.

Can you relate to any of the above? There is so much that "they" didn't teach us about growing up and OWNING our lives and decisions. That's why I've made it my personal mission to help you write your own story of success, as a confidante, believer, educator, trained coach and, most importantly, friend.

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Julia and Starr Health Co. have become my main source of spiritual grounding. As the days get busier and life seems to move faster, I look to Starr Health Co. for that bit of perspective I need to stay sane. Julia always finds a way to write courageously and honestly about a familiar topic, yet frame it in a way that challenges conventional thinking. Julia is a terrific leader and teacher, that seems to guide her company with its core values always in the drivers seat. Thank you for your words, keep on rockin’.
— Sydney


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Love from Clients

Julia helped me to shift perspective and see things that I can use to help me grow. I felt supported and respected in my session; I also felt encouraged and motivated.
— Sophia Lowe
Any young woman could benefit from wellness coaching with Julia! Her abundance of wisdom in becoming an authentic and empowered young woman is sure to inspire.
— Lily W.
Julia is a patient and caring health and wellness coach. She listens deeply without judgment and uses a client-centered approach to problem solving and goal setting. She brings a wealth of worldly experience and yoga expertise to her practice, yet stays humble, grounded, and open to new perspectives. Thank you, Julia!
— Becka B.
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