Are you a successful woman looking for the tools you need to take your life, career and relationships to the next level? Are you seeking greater purpose and impact in your day-to-day life and work? Are you set on creating your own definition of success and a life well-lived? If so... the Higher Purpose Program just might be the answer you've been looking for.. 

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This program is for you if:

  • You are highly ambitious

  • You are in your early to mid-career

  • You want to make an impact on the world

  • You worry you're wasting time on the wrong things

  • You want to understand how to work in harmony with your body and your moon cycle

  • You want to be better at having difficult conversations, in your personal and professional life

  • You are willing to invest in your happiness and success

This program is not for you if:

  • You don't think purpose is important to your fulfillment

  • You're apathetic about the type of work you do in the world

  • You are unwilling or unable to invest in your own personal growth


What you can expect

  • Five weekly 1-hour intimate group call with me, Julia Starr, and your HPP cohort (other women set on up-leveling their lives)

  • Weekly personal homework assignment

  • Ongoing support in the private Facebook Group

  • BONUS: 2 1:1 30-minute sessions (this happen in week 1 and week 6)

TOTAL: 5 hours of group call time, 5 personal homework assignments, ongoing support in the private Facebook group and BONUS two 1:1 30-minute coaching calls

The Curriculum

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  • Discovering Your Guiding Purpose Statement

  • Power of Personal Story & Mastering Your Inner Voice

  • Revealing Your Various Archetypes (i.e. the different ways you act based on the situation)

  • Your Personal Propensity for Impact (how you work & why)

  • Working in Harmony with Your Hormonal Cycle

  • Mastering Negotiations and Non-Violent Communication

  • Manifestation and Scripting (planning for success)

Begin the work by scheduling a free 20-minute insight call where I will answer all questions you might have about the program and we determine if it's a good fit! There are zero obligations to sign up for the program by scheduling a call. 


  • Deeper level of self compassion and understanding through self awareness

  • Life direction through a Guiding Purpose Statement that is based in your personal values, not arbitrary societal or familial projections

  • Self nourishment practices to maintain alignment through challenges

  • Relief and release from life activities that are not/no longer aligned with your current self

  • Future vision and goals based in personal alignment

The Investment

2 payments of $247

This is equal to or less expensive than:

  • Six months of tall Starbucks lattes

  • Six month gym membership

  • Buying lunch at work for the next 2.5 months

Invest wisely.

What people are saying

{the HPP is} A great investment in yourself to help you tune into your values & needs and identify any blockers you need to remove to help you live the life you’ll find the most joy from.
— LK
Working with Julia allowed me to feel SO empowered throughout a very hectic and stressful period in my life. Her empathetic and pragmatic manner compliment her deeply insightful interview method so that I was able to directly apply her guidance and see meaningful change in how I approach my life. Not only did I receive coaching to apply to specific situations, but together over our sessions, we landed on broader frameworks that have helped me conquer new and challenging situations. Thank you, Julia, for walking alongside us on this journey!
I’m so happy I decided to work with Julia. She helped me uncover the real source of my stress deep down which allowed me to gain insights into why I do what I do and how I can shift my perspective in a more helpful direction. By realizing how my thoughts and beliefs shape my life and my approach to my work - in both positive and negative ways - it allowed me to make some much-needed changes that I don’t think I ever could have made all on my own!
— Natalie W.
Julia is a patient and caring coach. She listens deeply without judgment and uses a client-centered approach to problem solving and goal setting.
— Becka B.