Stress Reduction

a yoga / coaching fusion for young professional women in Minneapolis

This 6-week series is for young professional women or students seeking an opportunity to reduce their stress levels through moving, talking and listening. We will support each other in a group coaching environment to process our challenges and stressors together. This group is led by life coach and yoga instructor, Julia Starr. Each week will be comprised of 1 hour of facilitated group coaching and 30 minutes of yoga movement. You can expect to feel lower levels of stress and be better equipped to manage stressful situations at the end of this class (and likely even after the first session).

Dates: Every Thursday April 5th – May 10th ~ 6:30-8PM 

Exchange: $120 for all 6 sessions and it is recommended to attend the whole series

Register here: Stress Reduction

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Ritual Love: Creating a Shared Vision

ritual love: creating a shared vision
This is a workshop co-created with my partner Nicholas of Wyld Joy and is part of a larger "Ritual Love" series for couples in the Twin Cities area.

Creating a shared vision between you and your partner sets your relationship on the path for bigger love and growth.

A shared vision incorporates both your and your partner's goals, vision and desires for the future. Together, you create the vision that you seek to bring into the world, and also identify what you need to do to support each other and this vision.

Join us for a workshop in which we will dive deeper into the what's and the how's of creating a shared vision. You will leave this evening with a working vision that will guide you and your partner's next steps in flourishing within the relationship. 

Feel free to reach out for more information about scheduled and upcoming workshops! 

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