Video 5: Summary & Application

In this video:

  • Together, we consciously built your most joyful life. Now it’s on you to enact that life.

  • Application: If you’re single, having fun is the best way to

    • attract someone new

    • Start a new relationship (light, playful, exciting)

  • Application: If you’re in a relationship, asking “is this fun?” is the best way to

    • Check if you’re happy in your relationship

    • If you’re not having fun, it’s probably not the best relationship. You’re going to spend 50 years together; you don’t want to have a mediocre time.

  • Focusing on personal happiness ultimately means you don’t have to worry about being alone. The moment we are depending on someone else to be happy, we make decisions based on “should” instead of joy. Don’t spend another second on something you don’t truly love. You have so many more choices.

Action steps:

  • Look back at your answers from the first video. Write one way you can take action to increase your happiness TODAY.

Julia Starr