3 Tricks to Turn New Year’s Resolutions into Reality

The dreaded question awaits… “So, what New Year’s resolutions did you set this year?”

How many times have we been asked this question, had an amazing answer, full of shiny, self-improving-goals.. but also had a little voice in the back of our head chiming in to say, “Ha! Like you’re going to accomplish any of those this year.” RUDE. But also probably true..

It’s no surprise that these resolutions go unfulfilled. I’m betting 90% of them were formulated over a glass of champagne on New Year’s Eve – subconsciously informed by the images targeted at you by Instagram ads and your spirit junkie friend who’s always going on about smudging and clearing bad karma.  

So there’s clearly a choice to be made: continue making half-*ssed New Year’s resolutions, ditch the tradition in totality or amp up your resolution game to ACTUALLY achieve your goals. I’m biased, because I know setting goals is crucial to your success.. I’m also an efficiency nerd and think if you’re already going to the effort of thinking about your resolutions, you might as well tweak the process a smidge to get big time results.

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Here’s the plan. I give you three tricks to set resolutions that mean business. And you take an extra 30-minutes somewhere between now and January 1 (or come to this workshop if you’re in Minne) to sit down and .

I’ll check in with you this time next year to see how we did.

Trick #1: Make your resolutions SPECIFIC

Okay, this might be a no brainer, but your goal setting success hinges on you being SPECIFIC in what you want to achieve. This means saying “I’m going to be healthier this year” is absolutely NOT going to get you to be healthier... Instead you need to choose an extremely specific way in which you want to be healthier. For the sake of an example, maybe you say “I’m going to reduce my stress this year by starting a meditation practice”.

Trick #2: Your resolutions must be MEASURABLE

How will you know if you are succeeding at your goals? If we just left the goal at “starting a meditation practice”.. how will you know when this has happened? Let’s make this thing measurable.. it doesn’t matter HOW you measure, but you have to be able to measure. Going along with the meditation example, maybe you say: “By January 10th I will find and download a meditation app. After I have the app I will meditate once/week for 15 minutes through the end of the year”. Voila! Now you can actually TELL if you’re meeting your goal. Genius.

Trick #3:  Set REALISTIC resolutions

Yes, you need to shoot for the stars. Yes, you can choose a star that is near to a star you’ve been to before, because you already kind of know the way.

Realistic goals are those that at least start in a place that feels comfortable and achievable to you. What I mean by this is if you have a goal of meditating for 15 minutes/day, but you’ve never meditated before in your life, you are setting yourself up for failure. The danger of setting *extreme* goals is that if you fail, you’re more likely to quit and believe that it is impossible for you to EVER reach this goal. A better approach is to ease into the goal, creating a staggered approach. Maybe you say “In month 1 I will meditate once for 15 minutes, in month 2 I will meditate twice for 15 minutes”, etc. that way you prove to yourself that you CAN achieve goals you set for yourself and it reinforces your confidence in reaching the next step of this goal.

Behavior change is hard, but not impossible. Using these three tricks will help you get to the top of whatever mountains you are seeking to climb. AND you’ll get to tell both the voice in your head and your dear friend asking about New Year’s resolutions that YES you have goals and YES you are going to meet them.

If you’re still hungry for more resolution-setting tips, I’ve created a free Smart Resolution Cheat Sheet to get your gears turning.

I’m cheering for you, babes!




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