How to Start a Home Yoga Practice

What does it mean when someone says they have a “home” yoga practice? Well, it can mean a lot of things! Generally that person practices yoga regularly at home, not always (or ever) in a studio space. It also usually is self-inspired and disciplined, meaning the practice is not led by an individual or video in the home, it is a solo endeavor.

So, should you have a home practice? Of course the answer is: it depends! First things first: practicing regularly, wherever that may be, is the priority! If you love getting your sweat on in a group of people, following an instructor, letting your heartbeat meld with their sweet studio jams, AWESOME! Find the place that you love and keep going back and back and back. If you’re seeking something more intuitive, more private, and even more devotional, maybe it’s time to try out a home practice.

Where to begin:

  • Create sacred space in your home. IMPORTANT: This doesn’t mean you need to live in a mansion. I have regularly made the gap between my hotel bed and a wall my “space”. Fundamentally, this is simply a spot in your home where you will regularly practice. If you have room, it can be really wonderful to get creative with preparing the space for your practice. Maybe that means setting up a small altar of meaningful objects, hanging a pretty piece of wall art or burning some incense.

  • Decide on a time. When will you practice? Contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t need to be before the sunrise or even in the morning. Find a time that works in your schedule and then stick to it (as best you can).

  • Set a “goldilocks” goal (not too big, not too small, but just right). How will you begin? Starting with a tiny chunk of time, say five minutes twice a week.. And see how that goes. If you start flowing and you want to stretch it out, go for it! Being regular is the key.

  • Decide how to flow. For some just improvising a flow works, for others it’s a set series of postures, as in the Ashtanga community. And for others you need to plan in advance, find a series on pinterest, or work with a video, like this beginner’s flow.

  • Forgive yourself when you fail (not if). Inevitably your schedule will change, life emergencies will happen, or you’ll just press snooze one too many times. THAT’S OKAY! Simply try again the next day. We are imperfect and that’s what makes us beautiful, interesting humans. So go easy on yourself.

What does my home practice look like? 10 minutes of meditation every morning and 10 minutes of movement - that’s it. Some days I flow more, but for me, for now, 20 minutes of meditation + movement works really well. I also love my studio (Heart Yoga), so prioritize getting to several of their hour-long classes each week.

What are your home practice goals? Share below and commit to trying your best. It’s all we can ask.

Blessings to you,


P.S. If you're struggling with this home flow concept, I'm offering a beginner's meditation series in October for readers in the Twin Cities who want a more structured approach. I'd love to meet some of you offline and in person! More info here

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