My purpose is to create opportunities for young women to know their potential authentically in order to live embodied, purposeful lives.
— Julia

Julia Starr

Hi there! Yup, you guessed it, my name is Julia. I'm the face, name and gumption behind the Starr Health Co. brand. Where did I come from and why am I so passionate about the work of empowering young women? Well, I grew up in a mining town in northern Minnesota (the "North Country" that Bob Dylan likes to wax poetic about)... and I was taught at an early age that ANYTHING was possible. Coming from a middle class family in a blue collar part of the country.. I had the typical (okay, somewhat nerdy) American upbringing, played soccer, was on math team, and marched in the marching band.


I also, unbeknownst to me, had the seeds of feminism and revolt planted in my DNA from an early age. Whether it was my uncle gifting me Rianne Ensler's "The Chalice and the Blade" at 16, or my mom's group of women friends who didn't wear makeup, had coming of age ceremonies for us girls and did everything as strong and physical as the men. 

I was one of a handful of my classmates who left the state for college and (thanks to my studious booty & loads of scholarships) studied International Relations at Claremont McKenna in Southern California. After graduating I ended up on a Fulbright in Malaysia and did three years in the corporate grindstone at the Boston Consulting Group (like a good little 'achiever'). I also had some ridiculous travel karma, working and playing in China, Tanzania, India, Malaysia, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and +15 other countries before my 25th birthday.

It was around this time that that "quarter life" thing we all hear about started stalking me.. I like to envision my quarter life crisis as my 13-year-old me throwing a fit at the version of 'Julia' I had become.. in a relationship that didn't build me up, in a career that wasn't really making a difference and truly living my values only in my "spare time". So here comes 13-year-old me with a baseball bat and she just starts swinging - quit the job, dumped the boyfriend, went back to school, launched a business, bought a house (wait, rewind... yup! definitely bought a house), annnnnnnd we've caught up to my present day self. Ta da!  


The reason I went into the field of life and wellness coaching is that in my own life there have been many points of time where I needed help and support but didn't know who I could turn to. From my freshman year of college where I had NO idea how to manage all the transitions around friends, food, alcohol, relationships, to my junior year where I went to Student Health due to a tightness in my chest and was sent home with the M.D. telling me to "stop worrying so much", to that time I was 25 and in the midst of a personal cyclone that led to one too many mornings staring up at the ceiling thinking "What now?!" When I discovered the fields of life and health coaching I thought "Eureka!" - this was actually a role that filled the gaps that I saw in my own life. And it mirrored what I have always been passionate about: coaching young women, organizing events for empowerment and writing about the female experience.

In my work today, I hold space for women to feel supported, heard, and ultimately, inspired to action. I ask the hard questions and hold my clients accountable, to themselves, their dreams and their desires. I believe that we all know what is best and right for us in this life, sometimes we just don't have the space to hear ourselves, and the tools to make the changes that we so deeply desire - that's where I come in. 

In the big picture, our world is so imbalanced between masculine and feminine energy - creative and destructive forces. I see our global healing being intimately tied to each of our own personal revolutions. 

So, let your own revolution begin! 


- 200 hours of Masters level training in integrative health and wellbeing coaching, functional nutrition and the healing arts at the University of Minnesota's Center for Spirituality and Healing

-200 hour Yoga Alliance-certified Yoga Teacher Training 

Say hi! Seriously, I love hearing from you. Questions, comments, life thoughts - send them my way!

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